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Helinox Ridgeline DL135 Pair of Trekking Poles Blue

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Helinox Lightest Strongest Ridgeline Trekking Poles

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Helinox Ridgeline DL135 Pair of Trekking Poles Blue

Great for use with tarps for creating lightweight shelters.

Lightest, Strongest

Helinox leads the world in the development of light & strong trekking poles.

Making exclusive use of DAC's revolutionary TH72M alloy as used in the world's leading expedition tents

Helinox poles offer an unmatched combination of strength with minimal weight.

The selection of poles extends from the ultra-light & super-compact Passport range through to the super heavy duty Causeway range.

Ridgeline Trekking Poles

Helinox Ridgeline Trekking Poles are great all-purpose adjustable length poles well suited to a wide range of uses from casual day walks to challenging multi-day hikes.

The larger diameter compared to the Passport range provides better resistance to flexing under load. Several different locking mechanisms are featured in the Ridgeline range.

Ridgeline FL poles feature a twist lock action (Friction Lock) while the LB and LBB series use a combination of Lever and Button locks for super fast deployment and compact packed length.

Go further, get fitter, travel faster

Walking with poles brings many benefits - not just the added stability.

Using the correct technique gets the upper body muscles active, turning a walk into full body excercise. This in turn helps propel you forward more effeciently, meaning you'll travel faster with no increase in effort from your legs.

Pole buyer's guide

What should you look for when buying a pair of poles? Here are a few pointers on the technical aspects of pole selection.

Pole diameter Smaller diameter poles are lighter and well suited to general bushwalking. When carrying a heavy pack or tackling arduous conditions a larger diameter pole will be more resistant to flexing under load.

Locking mechanisms All of our walking poles collapse for stowage and transport. There are a number of ways in which the sections of a pole are secured together when expanded for use.


Poles with a tension lock system use a single locking button to keep the folding pole sections together. An internal elastic cord maintains constant tension on the pole sections while the button is in the locked position. Depressing the lock button releases tension and the sections come apart for stowage. Tension lock poles have the shortest compacted length in our range.


Friction locks operate via a screw or twist action. The sections of the pole telescope – one sliding into the other. Twisting in one direction will loosen the pole so you can adjust length. Twist in the other direction to lock the pole in place. As this lock type relies on friction, over-tightening by applying extra force will not improve the holding power of the lock.


Lever locks apply clamping force to the pole section to hold them in position. Pole sections are telescopic and freely slide to the desired length when the lever is released. How the lever is positioned is an important consideration. Helinox poles use vertically operating levers that are less likely to get caught and accidentally disengage in thick scrub. Helinox lever locks can be adjusted for tension and feature a unique lever 'rest zone' to help prolong service life.


Using a combination of a lever and multiple button locks, Helinox LB & LBB poles are a revolution in ease of use. A single movement of the lever loosens and locks the pole sections. The lower sections slide into place using locking buttons. Once the lever is opened the lower sections freely slide back into the compacted position without needing to depress the buttons.


In a quantum leap forward in walking pole technology, Helinox combined locking grooves with a friction/twist lock mechanism to produce a walking pole with immense load carrying capacity. The friction lock internally 'mates' with the locking grooves. This produces a light, yet heavy duty pole ideally suited to arduous conditions.


Weight per pair: 460g

Maximum Length: 135cm

Collapsed Length:61.2cm

If you need help or advise about any of our products please just call or email, our team are always here to help

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Helinox Ridgeline DL135 Pair of Trekking Poles Blue

Helinox Ridgeline DL135 Pair of Trekking Poles Blue

Helinox Lightest Strongest Ridgeline Trekking Poles

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