In February we attended Lyndon Poskitt's 'Races to Places / Dakar 2018' talk. What a great evening! The venue was packed full of enthusiastic fans, merchandise stalls & raffle prizes along one edge, then several of Lyndon's racing bikes around the front.

His Dakar 2018 KTM 450 rally 'Rex Bike' took prize position along with his Malle Moto box and riding gear. This bike still had the Enduristan gear used throughout the Dakar Rally - the Rally Pack on the tail and the Fender Bag strapped to the side of the navigation tower.

Lyndon began the talk by introducing himself, briefing the audience on the topics of discussion, then thanking his sponsors and everyone involved. He discussed a humbling history of his life on bikes from a young age, showing some amusing clips of riding mistakes from years back. He shared very interesting facts and figures from his adventures, one which really stood out was his furthest distance travelled on bike in one day - over 1,400 Km!

Many of the attendees were backers of Lyndon's Kickstarter project that brought his 'Races to Places LIVE - Dakar Rally 2018' YouTube series to life. The crowdfunding project had 565 backers pledge a total of £48,206.

An entertaining summary video of the series was shown and as the familiar faces of Uncle Rick and Dario were present, they were given special thanks on stage.

Lyndon went on to discuss various stories and challenges from his travels, his future plans, a Q&A session then meet & greet time.

It was an excellent event which inspired many and left everyone excited for his upcoming Races to Places adventures.

See more from Lyndon this year in his usual Races To Places series, this year sponsored by Enduristan.